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⭐ Junior and HSC Maths

⭐ ATAR: 99.95 

⭐ James Ruse, USyd Med

Hello, I'm Paul!

I am deeply passionate about guiding students through their Year 7 to 12 math journey and helping them excel in their studies. I cover Advanced (2U), Extension 1 (3U), and Extension 2 (4U) Maths. My teaching materials include personalized theory notes, the textbook and exercise questions

I achieved an impressive ATAR of 99.95 and excelled in my HSC subjects, scoring high marks in 3U Maths (99), 4U Maths (98), Chemistry (96), Physics (96), English (96), and Modern History (96). I even topped the entire school at James Ruse Agricultural High School in both Year 11 and 12.

My UCAT score of 3260 places me in the 99th percentile, with a strong performance in Verbal Reasoning (830).

I'm currently enrolled in the University of Sydney Double Degree Medicine Program, a highly competitive program accepting only 30 students annually, with a minimum cut-off ATAR of 99.95. I received offers from four medical schools, including USYD Medicine, UNSW Medicine, WSU Medicine, and UQ Medicine.

If you're aiming for a career in Medicine, I start teaching HSC maths early on.

Feel free to reach out if you're looking for comprehensive math help on pursuing a medical career. I'm here to help you succeed!

⭐ For students interested in pursuing Medicine:

Our goal is to make sure you're well-prepared, even if you start later in the game. Here's our plan:

(1) Year 7, 8, 9: By the end of Year 10, you'll cover Year 7-10 content, along with 2 and 3 Unit Theory and exercises.

(2) Early Year 10: By the end of Year 11, you'll complete 2 and 3 Unit Theory and exercises.

(3) Late Year 10 but studied ahead: You'll still finish 2 and 3 Unit Theory by the end of Year 10 and exercises by the end of Year 11.

(4) Year 11: By the end of Year 11, you'll cover 2 and 3 Unit Theory and some exercises, continuing with exercise practice in Year 12.

Remember, Medicine involves more than just math. Many students aspire to study Medicine, but the process can be unclear. We provide comprehensive guidance throughout the entire journey. From preparing for UCAT to finding Science/English help, we've got you covered. Don't worry if you join us later; we tailor our approach to suit your needs and ensure you're on the right path to achieving your goals.

⭐ Teaching Approach

(1) Enjoyable Learning: I make math enjoyable using memorable comparisons and easy-to-grasp models, aiming to spark your interest and make you excited about learning.

(2) Effective Revision: I ensure thorough revision for each question, allowing you to progress with every practice, building your skills step by step.

(3) Practice with exercises: We prepare you well for exams, and aiming for top grades in your class.

(4) Ahead-of-Time Preparation: If you're studying ahead, we ensure you're well-prepared for upcoming challenges.

(5) Personalized Understanding: Together, we'll tackle areas you found challenging before. You'll conquer problems you couldn't solve, leading to improved grades, gaining respect from peers, and motivating you to excel further in your studies.

⭐ Teaching Materials

(1) Comprehensive Course: I've created a full course featuring my unique lesson materials and exercises.

(2) Clear Theory and exercises: Unlike thick, confusing textbooks, my content is concise, intuitive, and easy to understand. I've organized it in a way that's straightforward and separates topics clearly.

(3) Effective exercises: My exercise system includes detailed solutions. I've categorized these questions by topic, making it easy for you to identify typical question types within each topic.

⭐ Course Overview

(1) Algebra Focus: If algebra is challenging for you, we start by diving into it using a specially designed algebra textbook.

(2) Year 7-10 Review (Junior Maths): We revisit Year 7-10 topics multiple times, ensuring a strong and lasting understanding of these foundational concepts.

(3) Advanced Maths (2 Unit Maths): Once Year 7-10 topics are mastered, we transition to Advanced HSC maths, covering key topics like Functions, Calculus, Statistics, and Series.

(4) Extension I Maths (3 Unit Maths): For those excelling in Advanced Maths, we move on to Extension I Maths. This includes advanced topics like Combinatorics, Binomials, Vectors, and Proofs.

(5) Extension II Maths (4 Unit Maths): If aiming for a high ATAR and completing Extension I successfully, we advance to Extension II Maths. Topics include Complex Numbers, Vectors, Proofs, Integration, and Mechanics.

(6) HSC Completion in Year 11: The goal is to finish all HSC maths (Advanced, Extension I, Extension II) by the end of Year 11. In Year 12, you'll focus on maintaining your maths skills through exercises while allocating more time to subjects like English, Science, and UCAT.

⭐ FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

(1) Algebra: How do you teach algebra?

Answer: Upon joining, I assess your algebra skills. If there's room for improvement, I'll guide you through proper algebra techniques using a dedicated Singaporean algebra textbook. Solid algebra is crucial in HSC maths, as incorrect working-out can lead to losing marks even if you understand the topics. Please note, in the HSC, working-out contributes significantly to your overall marks.

(2) Silly Mistakes: I make many silly mistakes and don't know how to fix them.

Answer: No worries! Making many silly mistakes often results from a lack of organized management. I've developed a system to identify, tally, analyze, pattern, and teach techniques to reduce silly mistakes. When you study with me, you'll learn this effective silly mistake management system.

(3) Memory: I seem to forget quite quickly. What should I do?

Answer: No problem! I use unforgettable analogies, metaphors, and models to help you understand the big picture. We go through each topic multiple times, reinforcing your memory through theory, drills, exercises, mock-ups, and trial HSC rounds.

(4) Problem-Solving: I struggle with problem-solving questions. I often blank out when I see them.

Answer: No need to worry! This happens because you might not have learned how to analyze the question using techniques like schema, tables, or diagrams. Once you grasp these structured techniques, you'll find problem-solving questions much more manageable.

(5) Studying Ahead: I'm unsure if I can study ahead.

Answer: Don't worry! I adapt the pace individually, ensuring you fully understand each topic before moving on. This way, you won't feel overwhelmed, and your interest in learning won't diminish.

(6) Online help: Can I focus during online help? How will you see what I'm doing?

Answer: No problem! We'll use a unique online-whiteboard system that you'll find even more effective than offline help. It provides a collaborative and interactive learning experience.

(7) Medicine: I want to go into medicine, but I'm not sure how to.

Answer: No worries! Entering medicine involves more than just a high ATAR. I will guide you step by step on how to prepare for medicine, including UCAT and interview preparation. Let's work together to achieve your medical career goals!

⭐ Course Structure

Our primary course consists of three phases:

(1) Theory and Drill Phase:

We utilize over 200 pre-recorded theory videos, exclusive to our platform.

Students watch theory videos, followed by teacher-led Q&A sessions and additional explanations.

The teacher solves some drill questions during the session, and the rest become homework.

In the next lesson, homework questions are addressed before moving to the next topic.

We use pre-recorded videos for consistent high-quality explanations.

2,3 Unit Topic List:

1100 Power Functions

1200 Log Functions

1300 Trig Functions

1400 Power Calculus

1500 Log Calculus

1600 Trig Calculus

1700 Applications of Calculus

1800 Combinatorics (3 Unit Only Topic)

1900 Binomials (3 Unit Only Topic)

2000 Statistics

2100 Vectors (3 Unit Only Topic)

2200 Proofs (3 Unit Only Topic)

2300 Sequence and Series

4 Unit Topic List:

2400 Integrations

2500 Mechanics

2600 Complex Numbers

2700 Vectors

2800 Proofs

(2) Categorized exercise Phase:

After the theory and drill phase, students move on to categorized exercises.

Our extensive database includes exercises, each with a corresponding explanation video.

exercise questions are categorized based on our topic list, facilitating easy learning of common question types.

Students attempt questions, refer to explanation videos if needed, and receive additional help from the teacher.

Pre-recorded question videos ensure consistent and high-quality explanations.

(3) Mock-up exercise Phase:

After completing categorized exercises, students undergo full mock exams under exam conditions.

Each exercise is solved multiple times.

⭐ Time Table

Mon-Sat 4:30-6:30 / 6:30-8:30 / 8:30-10:30

Limited spots available, contact us for availability.

All lessons are 2 hours.

⭐ Lesson Structure

Conducted on Google Meet (or Zoom) using an online whiteboard and pen tablets.

Each student has a pen tablet and writes on an internet whiteboard.

Real-time monitoring and interaction between teachers and students.

⭐ Teachers

Paul: Paul graduated from James Ruse with an ATAR of 99.95 and is now studying Medicine at the University of Sydney. He's an expert in tackling challenging HSC trial questions, and he mainly teaches older students. Paul is also the one behind all the theory and exercise explanation videos.

John: John completed his Electrical Engineering degree at a prestigious university in Korea and has extensive experience as a lead engineer at Samsung and IBM. With 15 years of help experience, he's well-known for making HSC math easy and enjoyable for younger students. Thanks to John's teaching style, even Year 8 students can excel in HSC math.

⭐ Contact Information

For a complimentary phone consultation and a free trial lesson, feel free to reach out:

0422 620 950



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