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Hi. I'm Paul.

I teach all maths from Year 7 to 12 including 4 Unit (Extension 2) Maths.

I teach a wide variety of students, from struggling students to top-level selective school students.

I use my own theory notes, the Cambridge textbook and a huge past paper database with tens of thousands of practice questions from top schools.

For students aiming to enter Medicine, I teach them HSC maths early on. I have Year 8 students solving HSC past papers.

I also provide a free algebra class for Year 8-9 students. Please enquire for more information.

Coursework by entry time

If you want to enter Meidicine, Law or Engineering, please come to me at year 10 (or earlier the better), I will take responsibility for the student's school marks and HSC marks.

(1) If you come early (Year 7,8,9): You'll finish Year 7-10 contents and also 2,3 Unit Theory and Past Papers by the end of Year 10.

(2) If you come early Year 10: You'll finish 2,3 Unit Theory by the end of year 10 and Past Papers by the end of Year 11.

(3) If you come late Year 10 but have studied ahead: You'll still finish 2,3 Unit Theory by the end of year 10 and Past Papers by the end of Year 11.

(4) If you come in Year 11: You'll finish 2,3 Unit Theory and some past papers by the end of year 11 and will continue to solve past papers in Year 12.

My Credentials

- ATAR : 99.95

- HSC Subjects : 3U Maths (99), 4U Maths (98), Chemistry (96), Physics (96), English (96), Modern History (96)

- UCAT : 3260 (99 Percentile, Verbal Reasoning : 830)

- James Ruse Agricultural High School Dux of Year 11 and 12

- Offered places in 4 Medical Schools : USYD Medicine, UNSW Medicine, WSU Medicine, UQ Medicine

- Currently enrolled in the University of Sydney Double Degree Medicine Program (only 30 students accepted every year, minimum cut-off ATAR 99.95)

Teaching Method

(1) I make maths fun for you so that you become self-motivated learners. To help you understand, I use unforgettable analogies, metaphors and models while you're learning theory.

(2) I ensure that you do a proper revision for every question. This means that you will improve with every question.

(3) You will solve school past papers together with me so that you are well prepared for school exams and can come top in your grade.

(4) When you are studying ahead, you will solve all the school past papers ahead with me.

(5) With me, you will understand what you could't understand before. you will solve what you couldn't solve before. Then, you will start to get higher marks in school and receive the respect of your peers. This will motivate you to study harder to stay at the top.

Teaching Material

(1) I have developed a complete course with my own lesson materials and past papers comparable to those of a top-level tutoring centre.

(2) Theory and Drill Questions: Many students learn with thick textbooks which are verbose and poorly organised. But I developed my own content which is concise, intuitive and easy to understand. Also, I developed my own teaching order which is well organized and clearly separates topics.

(3) Past Papers: I have my own past paper system with detailed written solutions for thousands of questions from top selective and private schools. I have categorized these past paper questions into relavant topics so that the student can easily identify the typical question types within a topic.


(1) Algebra: If you're weak in algebra, I teach algebra first with a special algebra textbook.

(2) Year 7-10 topics (Junior Maths): You will go through the Year 7-10 topics several times so that these topics are vividly alive in your memory.

(3) Advanced Maths (2 Unit Maths): As soon as you finish Year 7-10 topics you will start learning Advanced HSC maths. The main topics of Advanced Maths are Functions, Calculus, Statistics and Series.

(4) Extension I Maths (3 Unit Maths): If you're good at Advanced Maths, you will start learning Extension I Maths. The main topics of Extension I Maths are Advanced Maths Topics + Combinatorics, Binomials, Vectors and Proofs

(5) Extension II Maths (4 Unit Maths): If you have successfully finished Extension I Maths and wants to get a very high ATAR, you will start learning Extension II Maths. The main topics of Extension II Maths are Complex Numbers, Vectors, Proofs, Integration and Mechanics.

(6) You will finish all the HSC maths (Advanced, Extension I, Extension II) by the end of year 11. So, in Year 12, you will simply maintain your maths skills with past papers while spending more time on other subjects like English, Science and UCAT.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

- Algebra: How do you teach algebra?

(Answer) As soon as you join me, I first check your algebra. If I find a problem, I will teach you the proper algebra technique with a separate Singaporean algebra textbook. Algebra is quite important in HSC maths. If your algebra is bad, you'll lose many marks even if you understand the topics because your working out and answers are all wrong! Please note that, in the HSC, working-out accounts for the majority of marks.

- Silly mistakes: I make many silly mistakes and do not know how to fix it.

(Answer) No worries. The reason why you're making many silly mistakes is because you don't know how to manage silly mistakes. Most students want to reduce silly mistakes but never make an organised effort to reduce them. But silly mistakes must be clearly flagged, tallied, analyzed, patterned then taught with proper techniques to reduce them. When you study with me, you will be taught this silly mistake management system.

- Memory: I seem to forget quite quickly. What should I do?

(Answer) No worries. I teach with unforgettable analogies, metaphors and models to help you understand the overall picture. Unlike other tutors who teach topics just once, I teach the same topic many rounds: (1) Theory (2) Drill (3) Past Paper 1 (4) Past Paper 2 (5) Past Paper 3 (6) Mock-up (7) Trial and HSC rounds. Also, the theory is revised for every question so that your memory is progressively strengthened.

- Problem-Solving: I cannot solve the problem-solving questions. Whenever I see those questions I just blank out.

(Answer) No worries. That is because you haven't learned how to analyze the question using techniques like schema, table or diagram. Once you know how to analyze the problem with these structured technique, you will feel that problem-solving questions are quite easy.

- Studying ahead: I'm not sure if I can study ahead of school progress.

(Answer) No worries. I always adjust the speed individually. I take care so that you can understands the topic fully and don't lose interest because it feels difficult. Also I wait until you have fully adapted to the current topic before moving onto the next topic.

- Online tutoring: Can I focus during online tutoring? How are you going to see what I'm doing?

(Answer) No worries. You and I will use a unique online-whiteboard system. You will soon realize that this is better than off-line tutoring.

- Medicine: I want to go to medicine but I don't know how to.

(Answer) No worries. Medicine entry is not just about getting a high ATAR. It involves many different kinds of preparation. I will guide you step by step on how to prepare for medicine including UCAT and interview preparation.

Lessons and Tuition

📌 Lesson Hours

2 Hours/Week

📌 Lesson Times

Monday-Saturday 4:30pm, 6:30pm, 8:30pm

📌 Fees (/hour, by Contents)

(1) Group (3-5 students)

Year 7-10 Contents: $60

Maths Advanced and Extension I (2 and 3 unit) : $70

Maths Extension 2 (4 unit) : $80

(2) One-to-One

Year 7-10 Contents: $80

Maths Advanced and Extension I (2 and 3 unit) : $90

Maths Extension 2 (4 unit) : $100


📌 Contacts

Please contact me for a free phone consultation and a free trial lesson.

- Phone : 0434 620 121

- Email : liltstutoring@gmail.com

Thank you.