⭐ Junior and HSC Maths

⭐ ATAR: 99.95

⭐ James Ruse Dux Year 11 and 12

⭐ USyd Med

πŸ“Œ About Paul

Hi. I'm Paul. I'm currently studying medicine at the University of Sydney. I attended Baulkham Hills High School from Year 7-10 and James Ruse from Year 11-12.

I'm not just a regular private tutor. I have prepared a complete course with lesson materials and past papers comparable to a top-level tutoring centre.

My credentials are:

- ATAR : 99.95

- HSC Subjects : 3U Maths (99), 4U Maths (98), Chemistry (96), Physics (96), English (96), Modern History (96)

- UCAT : 3260 (99 Percentile, Verbal Reasoning : 830)

- James Ruse Agricultural High School Dux of Year 11 and 12

- Offered places in 4 Medical Schools : USYD Medicine, UNSW Medicine, WSU Medicine, UQ Medicine

- Currently enrolled in the University of Sydney Double Degree Medicine Program (only 30 students accepted every year, minimum cut-off ATAR 99.95)

πŸ“Œ I make maths fun

I make maths fun for students so that they become self-motivated learners. How? With me, students will understand what they didn't understand before. Students will solve what they couldn't solve before. Then, students will start to get higher marks in school and receive the respect of their peers. And this will motivate them to study harder to stay at the top.

πŸ“Œ Junior strategy

Most students don't actually find the junior maths theory hard. But, they find the algebra hard, so they make lots of silly mistakes in their working. Algebra is the key in getting high marks in junior high school. So I heavily focus on establishing fluent algebra skills.

(1) Students must master maths, especially algebra, when they are young, ideally from from Year 4 to Year 8. If they miss this window, then it is too late and eventually, these students must study the HSC with a heavy handicap in algebra.

(2) Students must practise maths everyday. So, I use the 'Maths Everyday' system. I set a small amount of homework for the student to complete each day. Then I check every day whether the student has done the homework.

(3) Students must know what they are doing with clear intent. To help students, I teach them analogies and metaphors to help them understand the overall picture. I also use my own schemas to help students map out the path they should take to the solution.

(4) It is well known that students learn best when multiple senses are engaged. But strangely, many tutors just focus on writing with pen and paper. I use audiovisual techniques to help students learn better and faster.

πŸ“Œ Senior strategy

After my students master junior maths and top their schools, I move onto senior content.

(1) Ahead study: My students learn Year 11-12 content 1-3 years early. So, the workload of senior years is spread out to earlier years and students are not overwhelmed in Year 11-12. Also, because they have been studying the HSC content for years, my students become top students in Year 12.

(2) Progressive study: I teach with progressing difficulty. First, I teach the basics before slowly increasing the difficulty so that students can adapt. This is how my Year 8 and 9 students can learn Year 12 content. Overall, students are made to feel that the HSC isn't so hard, which motivates them to study.

(3) Reinforced study: I teach the content over 3 passes, so that the students understand the content thoroughly.

πŸ“Œ The resources I use

Many students learn with thick textbooks which are verbose and poorly organised. For me, I write my own content and follow my own well-organised syllabus which focuses on the concepts that actually get tested in exams.

I have my own past paper system with detailed written solutions for 5,000+ questions from top selective and private schools. My system includes a Solve-Mark-Analyse loop to ensure that students do a proper post-mortem for every question. This means that students actually improve with every question.

πŸ“Œ Hands-on study

I need to see what the student is writing to check that they understand the content well. For me, all students write on an online whiteboard with a pen tablet (not a mouse). I monitor this whiteboard in real-time, allowing me to see in real-time if students are understanding the content. No student is left behind. With the Hands-on-study system, I also check if the students have the correct working-out and give step-by-step feedback on how to improve.

πŸ“Œ How my students are doing

Most of my students are from selective schools (James Ruse, Baulkham Hills and Normanhurst are the most popular). I also have a few private school students as well. My students have seen great improvements. Three such examples are:

- A selective school student came to me in Year 8, having scored in the bottom 50% of school exams. 2 terms later, that student came first in the grade in a maths exam.

- A private school student came to me in Year 10. In Year 11, that student came first in the grade in 2U maths and top 5 in 3U maths.

- A selective school student came to me in Year 8. 1 year later, that student is now solving HSC past paper questions and is one of the top students in the grade.

πŸ“Œ Contact Information

For a complimentary phone consultation and a free trial lesson, feel free to reach out:

0422 620 950



Thank you.